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My Resume, Posted on the Internet to be Viewed or Downloaded.
This is My Work Experience Going Back to 1987
Important Information for Employers
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    This next section contains my Cover Letter to future employers.  In this letter I will explain my interests and skills, some of my related experience and why I would be a good fit for your company or organization.  I will tell you why I am interested in this line of work and let you know who I am and what my availability would be.  Thank you for taking the time to read this information.....
Future Interested Employers
Location: Spokane and the Surrounding Area
Contact: Mark Elsman Pierce
Contact Form: "click here"
A Cover Letter to Future Employers
By Mark Elsman Pierce
This Letter was Written on the Evening of
Thursday April 12, 2012
At Home in Spokane, Washington
Thank You for Reading this Information.

Dear Human Resources Department,

When I graduated from Whitworth University in February of 2011, I was looking for an entry-level position with the Community Colleges of Spokane.  I was very fortunate to find one with the Head Start/ECEAP/Early Head Start Administration office at the Esmeralda Center.  My plan was to be patient and willing to learn and acquire better skills to apply to my career path.  My position of Assistant Secretary/Project Technician is part time.  [This position is a 16-hour a week part-time position as a Project Technician/Part-Time Secretary at the Head Start/ECEAP/EHS Administration Office.  The days that I work at this position are flexible, as of now; I am working 8 hours a day on Monday and Tuesday].  I believe that the skills I am learning here will help me immensely in my position at your company, and the extra training will be invaluable] and I would like to seek a second position with the your business, company or organization to fill the rest of the week.  I noticed your position, and thought this is something that I would very much love to do.  I applied at your company because it is one of my first choices of great Spokane area places to seek employment.  I would love working for your organization in any capacity, and I believe that this position would be an excellent second job.

I have acquired many references in the time I have been working at the Esmeralda Center who can verify my word ethic, dedication and skill level.  This includes but is not limited to, Christy Knight, Marcia Tiffany and Patty Allen.  Feel free to contact any of these people and ask questions about me.

Finishing college has greatly honed my thinking, writing, and organizational skills.  In September I completed a mathematics course entitled, Concepts in Modern Mathematics, that was a requirement for my degree.  The emphasis of this course covered statistics and probability.  This course strengthened my mathematical thinking skills, and increased my discipline in the area of research.  The last two courses that I completed at Whitworth University were, Group Dynamics, and Writing for Business Communications.  Both of these courses focused my recent attention on communication skills in both my writing and my oral work.  These and many other courses are fresh in mind and I very much want to work.   

Since I have been working part time since the sprinkler year ended in the fall, I have spent the remainder of the work week volunteering at SNAP [Spokane Neighborhood Action Programs] as a digital archivist.  This position involves recording historical information mainly in a digital format through scanning and documenting photographs, newspaper articles and historical documents.  I also categorize information and record historical events including a multi-format historical documentation including interviews and videos.  I have recently become a new member of the SNAP Story Instructional Video Task Force.  This position began October 2011.

I was also able to take a class during the winter quarter at the Institute for Extended Learning in Microsoft Access and Excel.  I needed to sit down and learn these programs and gain some experience with them and this course worked out nicely.
All last winter while I was finishing my degree, I volunteered in my free time as a digital archiving assistant at the Gonzaga University Foley Library, under the leadership of Stephanie Plowman, and Kathleen O’Connor.  There I was responsible for scanning, restoring, documenting, and archiving rare and historic photographs and working on special projects.  This experience was a great opportunity for me, and gave me a chance to do some truly interesting work in a field that is fascinating to me.  I spent a great deal of time entering data into a computer program [Content DM Project Manager].  This experience allowed me to work on concentration and focus to ensure all the data was correct.  Each subject had to be researched and categorized into a numerical system, with no mistakes made.  All this training and attention to detail has greatly improved my overall job skills.

I have been studying digital photography for several years now, and this has propelled me to learn several important Adobe applications. My main interest lies in what happens after the capture. One of the most interesting projects for me to work on is the restoration of photographic material and the archiving of the information.  I have the skills to be able to scan photographic material and text, and accurately enter the data into a computer program.  I can also photograph objects and convert the image data into any format that one would need.  If the format is PDF, I know how to use Acrobat Professional’s ability to use optical character recognition and alternative text to add the meta-data to documents so that a screen reader can read them.  I am extremely familiar with Photoshop, Dreamweaver, and Acrobat Pro.  I have some competency with Illustrator, and InDesign.  I am studying at home in me free time, online courses in these two applications.

I have solid all-around computer skills in both MAC OS and Microsoft Windows XP and 7.  I greatly enjoy all things about computers and feel comfortable in a computer environment.

I have all the competencies required for this position, and also a Bachelor’s Degree and dedicated work experience.  I will work very hard to be a productive employee.

I understand that a diverse work force promotes creativity and helps overcome the problem of groupthink, allowing a freer flow of ideas and productivity.  I have spent several years of my life living and going to school in areas of other races and cultures, leading to a more personal understanding of diversity.

I will perform all duties in a strong and dedicated manner and will strive to promote all goals, regulations and values in a consistent approach.

The best interests of the students will always be my number-one consideration, just as they are with my son Joel [age 12].  I am dedicated to student success and life long learning.  I try to instill in my son the joy of learning for the greater purpose of expanding ones knowledge and personal growth.  I will convey these same values to the students I work with.

Customer service is an area of my experience in which I also have strong skills.  The 23 years that I have spent at B & B Sprinklers put me in a position every day, in which I worked with customers on a one-on-one basis.  I spent several days with each and every customer, working with them until they were satisfied with what they were buying.  I have dealt with many, and various customers, throughout the years, and very few of them were ever not satisfied with my work or with what they were getting.

I have the best attendance record of any of the employees at B & B Sprinklers, and have had for many years.  I am professional and hard working, and have a clean background.

I am willing and would feel honored to accept this position.  Thank you for taking the time to read my information, and I hope that you will consider me for future employment and I look forward to hearing from you.


Mark Elsman Pierce
5303 North Belt Street
Spokane, WA. 99205
Phone: [509] 844-6733

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