San Antonio Ranch and Washoe Valley Condensed Footage

I would like to link you to an interesting web site:

A great website to go and check outThis site is dedicated to preserving and archiving the rich and dramatic history of the Washoe Valley of the state of Nevada. This area is located north of Carson City between highways 429 and 341. It is a beautiful area of the country where the rain shadow of the Sierra mountains slowly transition into a more desert environment.

Click on the words: Washoe to open this site in a new window.

As many of you already know, views of this region are displayed on the two videos on the Elsman Imaging Family page that you can get to from the top navigation bar. I have gone ahead and selected clips showing just the ranch and the surrounding countryside and towns. Scenes that would specifically interest anyone studying early historical information of the Washoe Valley.

I am working with Richard Cooper editor and archivist of the Washoe publication to provide some content and historical information when I get a chance. Please visit his site and if you have any information that you would like to share, I sure he would enjoy hearing from you……..

I have made this clip available to download for interested parties to keep for their archives or use for historical documentation. If you would like a copy of this video; it is 640 X 480 H.264 (mp4), 163 MB. just go to Once you are on this page, look for the link in the right sidebar under CLIENT AND SITE CONTENT and choose the Washoe Content Download Page.

This page is password protected. If you do not already have your password, just fill out the easy to use form on the Archive Facilities page and I will email you one right away.

Thanks for viewing, and until next time, have a great summer……..Mark Elsman Pierce…..

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