Scans for Family – April, 2012

A new group of scans has arrived, made in April, 2012

This is a group of mostly older Elsman Photographs up to about 1952 with one Wehinger and one Pierce Photograph.

This time I optimized the PDF, it is only 9.4 MB. Since there is a form accessible on the Hub Central page (where the link to the list of downloads resides under Client and Site Content) I decided to make smaller, but still fairly decent resolution, project view files.April Elsman small photo age 2. Please view this PDF and if there are any images that you would like to have for your own digital records let me know.  I have been putting these family records on password protected pages only. This keeps our family information to ourselves while giving each of you a chance to see if you would like to have any copies of the photographs and documents that Beth and I are coming across as we go through her closet of archives. The password for this page is the same by the way as the password for the family scans I posted in November. I will keep the passwords for the pages of these demonstration PDF’s all the same so you don’t have to get a new password every time I upload a series of scanned images. So if you already have Ralph Elsman and Ralph Jr. portrait small photo.the password keep it to use as the year goes on. If you do not have a password, just request one through the form and I will receive your request in my email inbox and then email it right to you. When you click on the link I am providing below to download this PDF you will be taken (some of you may already be familiar with the navigation of this) to a WordPress site specifically made for downloading content to interested parties. In the sidebar directly to the right is a list of projects to download and pages to view. This information is under the heading of Client and Site Content. Click on the title: Scans for Family, April 2012 then enter your password if you have it or go back and request one from the form on the first page. Here is the link again to the  Archive Facilities web site and the Hub Central download page:

                                            Archive Facilities – Hub Central

Here is a view of the page you will come to and some more basic navigation instructions. Look for more content if it arrives. I will post a memo on this blog page here to let you know that new content has arrived.A view of the page you will come to.Well that’s it for now, but Beth and I found some very interesting photographs last week at her house that I am looking forward to sharing with you in the near future. Keep an eye on this page for updates about future content.

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