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I was studying Microsoft Excel

I was having trouble and getting frustrated with what I was trying to do, so I gave up for a while and made a shopping list for the grocery store.  I thought that if we could make the list categorized by aisle there would not be so much back and forth across the store and the shopping would go much quicker.Shopping list view I decided to make it into a form that can be filled out in Adobe Reader and left as a short cut on the desktop.  Each of us can fill it in as we think of things, and then print it and take it to the store.  I thought that this might be a good idea to try on other small forms and standard greeting cards.  If someone has an idea for a simple re-usable form that they would like to be able to fill out over and over again, or a card, letter head or document where the text could be replaced and printed as needed, please post your thoughts on this blog.  I will get a hold of you by email and make your your personal item; I will then send you a link where you can download this item.

Anyway free downloads always add some fun to a blog page, so I made this list available for anyone to download and use, or email to a friend.

If you would like to have this grocery shopping list [I suggest placing a shortcut to it own your desktop], just click on the words “Download List” located directly below, or click on the little picture.

Download List

Thanks and have fun.
Remember that this list can be filled out.  Click in a cell and you have up to 50 characters at 9 point Calibri font.  Your text should fit inside a cell.Small Photo of Mark  Look for future updates to the Elsman Imaging site as I have time to work on them, especially the Blog page and the Family and Friends page.  Be sure to let me know if you would like to submit some of your own material for display.
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Ryan has been writing hard and needs some readers to look at his material.  Check out all of his hark work at  Play Pac Man, listen to music, checkout design and computer information or find facts on all things Yugioh.  This site is a must see.  Ryan also has a developing companion site that includes some videos and photographs with interesting links to You Tube and other information. Check out the Bill/Bob show at Having feedback is encouraging to the blog writer.  Come back to this page and posts your comments about the Atemus Yugioh Blog and The Bill and Bob Show Blog.  I will let Ryan know to watch for them.  Until next time, have a great day and post a few comments.
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