San Antonio Ranch and Washoe Valley Condensed Footage

I would like to link you to an interesting web site:

A great website to go and check outThis site is dedicated to preserving and archiving the rich and dramatic history of the Washoe Valley of the state of Nevada. This area is located north of Carson City between highways 429 and 341. It is a beautiful area of the country where the rain shadow of the Sierra mountains slowly transition into a more desert environment.

Click on the words: Washoe to open this site in a new window.

As many of you already know, views of this region are displayed on the two videos on the Elsman Imaging Family page that you can get to from the top navigation bar. I have gone ahead and selected clips showing just the ranch and the surrounding countryside and towns. Scenes that would specifically interest anyone studying early historical information of the Washoe Valley.

I am working with Richard Cooper editor and archivist of the Washoe publication to provide some content and historical information when I get a chance. Please visit his site and if you have any information that you would like to share, I sure he would enjoy hearing from you……..

I have made this clip available to download for interested parties to keep for their archives or use for historical documentation. If you would like a copy of this video; it is 640 X 480 H.264 (mp4), 163 MB. just go to Once you are on this page, look for the link in the right sidebar under CLIENT AND SITE CONTENT and choose the Washoe Content Download Page.

This page is password protected. If you do not already have your password, just fill out the easy to use form on the Archive Facilities page and I will email you one right away.

Thanks for viewing, and until next time, have a great summer……..Mark Elsman Pierce…..

Scans for Family – April, 2012

A new group of scans has arrived, made in April, 2012

This is a group of mostly older Elsman Photographs up to about 1952 with one Wehinger and one Pierce Photograph.

This time I optimized the PDF, it is only 9.4 MB. Since there is a form accessible on the Hub Central page (where the link to the list of downloads resides under Client and Site Content) I decided to make smaller, but still fairly decent resolution, project view files.April Elsman small photo age 2. Please view this PDF and if there are any images that you would like to have for your own digital records let me know.  I have been putting these family records on password protected pages only. This keeps our family information to ourselves while giving each of you a chance to see if you would like to have any copies of the photographs and documents that Beth and I are coming across as we go through her closet of archives. The password for this page is the same by the way as the password for the family scans I posted in November. I will keep the passwords for the pages of these demonstration PDF’s all the same so you don’t have to get a new password every time I upload a series of scanned images. So if you already have Ralph Elsman and Ralph Jr. portrait small photo.the password keep it to use as the year goes on. If you do not have a password, just request one through the form and I will receive your request in my email inbox and then email it right to you. When you click on the link I am providing below to download this PDF you will be taken (some of you may already be familiar with the navigation of this) to a WordPress site specifically made for downloading content to interested parties. In the sidebar directly to the right is a list of projects to download and pages to view. This information is under the heading of Client and Site Content. Click on the title: Scans for Family, April 2012 then enter your password if you have it or go back and request one from the form on the first page. Here is the link again to the  Archive Facilities web site and the Hub Central download page:

                                            Archive Facilities – Hub Central

Here is a view of the page you will come to and some more basic navigation instructions. Look for more content if it arrives. I will post a memo on this blog page here to let you know that new content has arrived.A view of the page you will come to.Well that’s it for now, but Beth and I found some very interesting photographs last week at her house that I am looking forward to sharing with you in the near future. Keep an eye on this page for updates about future content.

Make Your Shopping Easier

I was studying Microsoft Excel

I was having trouble and getting frustrated with what I was trying to do, so I gave up for a while and made a shopping list for the grocery store.  I thought that if we could make the list categorized by aisle there would not be so much back and forth across the store and the shopping would go much quicker.Shopping list view I decided to make it into a form that can be filled out in Adobe Reader and left as a short cut on the desktop.  Each of us can fill it in as we think of things, and then print it and take it to the store.  I thought that this might be a good idea to try on other small forms and standard greeting cards.  If someone has an idea for a simple re-usable form that they would like to be able to fill out over and over again, or a card, letter head or document where the text could be replaced and printed as needed, please post your thoughts on this blog.  I will get a hold of you by email and make your your personal item; I will then send you a link where you can download this item.

Anyway free downloads always add some fun to a blog page, so I made this list available for anyone to download and use, or email to a friend.

If you would like to have this grocery shopping list [I suggest placing a shortcut to it own your desktop], just click on the words “Download List” located directly below, or click on the little picture.

Download List

Thanks and have fun.
Remember that this list can be filled out.  Click in a cell and you have up to 50 characters at 9 point Calibri font.  Your text should fit inside a cell.Small Photo of Mark  Look for future updates to the Elsman Imaging site as I have time to work on them, especially the Blog page and the Family and Friends page.  Be sure to let me know if you would like to submit some of your own material for display.
Mark Elsman Pierce…………………..

Ryan’s Blog

Atemus Yugioh Blog

Blog Header Photo

Ryan has been writing hard and needs some readers to look at his material.  Check out all of his hark work at  Play Pac Man, listen to music, checkout design and computer information or find facts on all things Yugioh.  This site is a must see.  Ryan also has a developing companion site that includes some videos and photographs with interesting links to You Tube and other information. Check out the Bill/Bob show at Having feedback is encouraging to the blog writer.  Come back to this page and posts your comments about the Atemus Yugioh Blog and The Bill and Bob Show Blog.  I will let Ryan know to watch for them.  Until next time, have a great day and post a few comments.
Mark Pierce…………………….

Family Digital Archiving Underway

    This post is dedicated to the past generations who saved their memories for us, so that we could pass those memories on to our children.

All original copies are preserved exactly in the condition that they are in.  The photographs can be retouched as needed.  Some of the photographs are blurry and weathered but their meaning is important.  I thought that they should be preserved, with time allowing, along with the better images.  Written documents can be cleaned up and printed onto good paper if a replacement of the original is ever needed.

All information is compiled into PDF format and will need to be viewed in Adobe Reader.  Use the full screen command, located under view, in the top toolbar.  The arrow keys can be used to scroll through the pages.

A challenging experience is sure to come, but one in which I hope to gain a great deal of information.  The projects that I am working on will teach me more about the purely practical methods of converting photographs and paper documents into an easily accessed format, that will preserve the information in a high resolution digital copy that can be opened and used 100 years from now.  This information will be in a combined booklet format, with each booklet being of one content, and containing chapters of sub categorical information.

A good use of this blog, to start out with anyway, would be to use it as a forum to discuss all the different individual computer projects, that will be going on as I take about a steamer trunk’s worth of documents and photographs and digitally archive them.  I have only intermediate experience in many of the projects that will be taking place, so I will approach things from that perspective.  This will be a process of teaching myself, which makes it a great time to learn along the way with others.  We can share ideas and discuss methods.  I will post different projects periodically on this blog, and also make available for down load, sections of booklets.  I will post links or a site map to their location.  The information discussed will cover everything from; scanning, Photoshop retouching, optimizing and presenting in Acrobat, to Flash video and Dreamweaver work.  These are applications that all interested computer users will need to use at certain points in their projects.  I sounds like a fun category to discuss here on this WordPress blog.  WordPress by the way is very interesting in its basic approach to letting some one set up a blogging site with PHP and MySQL.  I have just installed it here for the first time on November 20, 2011.  I will be glad to discuss this procedure, and also what I am learning about WordPress anytime, just comment away…………

I have placed some pictures and a small slide show of some of the old photographs that I have come across in the first box of documents.  View the Photos Below.

russell Pierce, jpg

High Dynamic Range

I have long been interested in spending more time shooting high dynamic range images.  You never know quite how it will turn out; although the shadows will always be brightened and saturated.  Here is an example of the style of pushing the settings to the high strength point.  See the image below.

Clock Tower in River Front Park.  Eight combined images with tone mapping.

This technique works with any file format.  Although to achieve the best possible results, all images should be shot in the camera RAW file format.  More on that topic in later posts……….

Step 1:  Capture three to eight separate exposures of a stationary subject.

The way to do this is to setup up a tripod and choose a subject with warm natural light.  The scene has to be one in which no movement is occurring because you will need several, exactly positioned images.  Set the F-stop to the chosen exposure, and lock the focus.  I usually work from light to dark.  Lower the shutter speed until the light meter tells you that the image is way over exposed, +2ev or +3ev.  Take a picture at that speed.  Next, raise the shutter speed enough to darken the image in steps.  About .5ev or 1ev and take another picture.  Keep raising the shutter speed [don’t touch the F-stop] and taking pictures, through optimum all the way to very underexposed [dark, -3ev].  In step 2 you will blend the images together into a single high dynamic range image.

Step 2:  Combine images any apply tone mapping.

Once the image files are on your computer, there are several methods of combining them.  Adobe Photoshop is one of them, but until the release of version CS5, was always over shadowed by Photomatix Pro.  This program has always been the standard software for for HDR conversions.  It is reasonably price and recommended by the professionals [who ever they are].  To view this  companies’ web site [be sure to look at the different galleries] just click here.  Drag you images from that picture shoot into the program window, and experiment with the different settings.  By default the file is saved as a 16 bit tiff image, but 8 bit tiff and jpeg are also available.  The wonderful thing is that not much equipment is needed, just Photomatix software and a MAC or Windows computer.

Photographing a subject with a plane to go home and use a high dynamic range effect, is really fun.  HDR is very common and used quite a bit these days, look around for images that have been created using this effect.  I am posting two more photos with this effect that you can check out below………….

Office building in Spokane, Washington.  Image produced from five different exposure settings applied to five copies in the camera raw dialog box of Photoshop, and them entered into Photomatix.

Office building jpeg image.

A school building taken in the early morning using five different exposures.  Location, Five Mile Prairie, Spokane, Washington.

Photo of an old fashon school building, jpeg.

I will be posting a great deal more information about this type of photography, because it is so fun and interesting and makes for a good discussion………….