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Treasured Yesterdays

book linkThis book is in the finishing stages and will be ours to enjoy this spring. Read more.

Mark Elsman Pierce, professional photographer and media design consultant. Operator and owner of
   Elsman Imaging Design Studios™
You can count on us to provide effective and timely solutions to your digital media needs.
Below is a list of the media solutions we can help you with:
Photo Restoration and Optimization
Repair damaged photographs - use our technology to bring back to life, old photographs that you thought could not be saved. We will scan the photos at high resolution and then hand paint in broken detail while also fixing all the color correction as well.
Archiving and Digital Preservation
Photographs are treasured heirlooms - and need to be preserved in a format that they can be viewed and printed from 100 years from now. Let Elsman Imaging digitally archive your boxes of loose photos and documents into high resolution files.
Need a web site and don't want to spend a fortune - We have reasonable rates with one-on-one personal service. Here is a simple example of a location page that can be added nicely to any site.
My father (Russell Pierce) had almost completed a second book titled, "Treasured Yesterdays" but he passed away and the seperate type-written pages were stored in a closet for about 18 years. I put together a ready for print version and soon an EPUB.
car photo
Elsman Imaging Photography™